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From our office at 304 West Joy Street in Harrisonville, MO. Rhodes Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Rooter is now fully equipment to provide residential and commercial sewer and drain services.

From a backed-up sink or toilet clog, to an obstructed main sewer line, you don't need to wait for a resolution. Call Rhodes emergency line 24 /7 and we’ll quickly get out to your home or business. Our technicians will diagnose exactly what and where the problem is and have the necessary tools to get things running again in no time.

Video Camera Pipe Inspection

Video Camera Pipe Inspection & Precision Detection Tools

Often finding the exact location of a sewer line problem is harder and more time consuming than correcting it. We utilize the latest video camera pipe inspection systems to accurately detect and inspect the location of a clog or other problem. Without these tools a service crew could spend hours digging up different parts of your yard just trying to find the source of the problem.

We use is a locator device created by General Pipe Cleaners, a leading manufacturer of high quality American-made drain cleaning equipment. This this Gen-Eye pipe inspection and location system, we can rapidly determine what the problem is, where it is, and how deep to dig. Our pipe and sewer cameras minimize the disruption to you property and keep the cost of sewer line repair more than competitive.

About Rhodes Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Rooter

Rhodes Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Rooter is now offer full plumbing and water heating services in Harrisonville, MO. Locally owned since 2004, all of our plumbing technicians are licensed and insured. Our heating and ventilating contractor license number is 954925
Rhodes Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Rooter is an Accredited member of the Missouri Better Business Bureau. We are more than proud of our A+ rating!
Plumbing Services

High-Tech Sewer Equipment

High-Pressure Drain Cleaning (Hydro Jet) is a sewer cleaning process that uses water under high pressure to that literally scours the walls of your sewer pipes. Jetting works on various types and sizes of pipe, including storm and sewer drain systems.

Unlike drain snakes, which just cuts a hole in the blockage, High-Pressure Drain Cleaning removes the blockage from the inner wall of the pipe, returning it back to its original diameter. High-Pressure Drain Cleaning is ideal for:

  • Roots
    Root systems will always look for water, even if it means getting into your sewer lines. Once a root system has taken hold of your sewer line, immediate action must be taken.
  • Grease
    These types of blockages typically occur over 25 feet into the sewer line where grease settles out as water temperatures cool passing through a drain.
  • Non-water-soluble items
    Diapers, paper towels, and other non-soluble items can also cause blockages in your sewer line.

Commercial Sewer-Line Maintenance

If you own a food service company or restaurant you should consider a drain maintenance schedule from Rhodes to prevent downtime and keep your drains in perfect working order. Our team can help you with a budget and schedule for our High-Pressure Drain Cleaning service.

Residential Drain Cleaning Services

Our licensed and ensures plumbers have the experience and tools needed to clear your drains fast. We can use video equipment to locate the problem and drain snakes to remove debris that is clogging your drain! We can take care of any clogged drain you may have including:

  • Bathroom Sink Drains
  • Shower/Tub Drains
  • Kitchen Sink Drains
  • Kitchen Disposal Drains
  • Garage or Floor Drains

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